Colliding Lines commission and publish experimental literature, interactive art objects and collaborative live recordings. We sell bespoke, limited edition physical releases created by our artists just for you, as well as digital downloads of albums and live studio sessions. Our commitment is to bringing inspiring and innovative artists together, and this is where you get to take their work home with you for keeps.

All items are available to buy directly through our website using PayPal, and all audio is available to download through Bandcamp and iTunes.

Published Works

  • Shadowplay: PretextShadowplay: Pretext
    Shadowplay is an experimental live literature project; a post-apocalyptic fable where words are all the audience sees, and those words describe a language that’s tearing itself apart. The piece is soundtracked with an ever-evolving score improvised by Jacob and Reuben Kyriakides, at each location performed with guest musicians – never the same twice. We wish
  • Poetry & Piano EPPoetry & Piano EP
    Inspired by a series of sessions filmed in 2016, Poetry & Piano features 8 performances from poets Nikki Marrone, Tim Knight and Uppahar Subba with improvised accompaniment from Matt Widgery on piano. This album collects snapshots of serendipity, those moments of unexpected inspiration that come from a live collision of creative mediums. With his roots
  • Haiku To Fuck ToHaiku To Fuck To
    Haiku To Fuck To is an anthology that celebrates sexuality and the human body. Between its covers you are invited to explore the many facets of sex, sensuality and the imperfect… The 52 haiku contained within play with themes of intimacy, gender, romance and societal views, and are presented on a backdrop of illustrations, artwork and photography –
  • Ghosts by PostGhosts by Post
    Inside each miniature book are three microfictions; three lost souls for you to care for, fear and, ultimately, to forget. This five book series arrives one-by-one by post at irregular intervals, each dispatched in a sealed envelope for your eyes only. There are some surprises and Easter eggs along the way, but we don’t want to spoil the
  • AlchemyAlchemy
    Developed by Abi Palmer, Alchemy is an interactive poetry experience for you to play at home. Based upon Robert Boyle’s challenge to classical Alchemy in 1661, the set invites you to experiment with different combinations of physical and poetic elements. What reactions will you discover? Each set includes four elemental poem cards, four chambers filled

Digital Downloads

Poetry & Piano EP

Dancing in Code

To visit our online music stores, please follow the links to Bandcamp or iTunes. We can also be found on Spotify.


A Wandering Poem (zine edition)
oyster wove, 120g, 32 p.

£6 + P&P

Traces (erasure poem)
tracing paper, 180g, 5 p.

£3 + P&P