Colliding Lines present live sessions, cross-genre collaborations and left-field recordings drawn from the London, UK and international experimental scenes; a long-form love letter to recorded audio as soundtrack, as sound art and as storyteller.

The programme airs on Resonance Extra on the third Thursday of every month. You can find backdated episodes collected on their website here, or follow them on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.


Colliding Lines #2 – Reanimation: Visible Music

This episode features performances from our live score series, re-imagining the visual music of 1920s Dada, where abstract painters explored the new medium of cinema through rhythm, geometry and colour. Interviews and new music from Bell Lungs, Merlin Nova and Pascal Coleman, and Lola de la Mata.

Colliding Lines #1 – Reanimation: Labyrinth

The first episode in a series of recorded performances from our live score series, re-imagining scores for obscure and iconic animations. Featuring interviews with saxophonist and sound recordist Martin Clarke, acclaimed vocal artist Ingrid Plum, and violist / game designer Mother Ivy (Nick Murray).