H O M E is the first in a series of regular releases, available both individually and on subscription. Every 6 weeks we’ll be releasing new material from Colliding Lines members and our collaborators, issued as printed media, audio tape or digital download.


Aidan Baker is a Canadian musician and writer currently based in Berlin. He has released numerous albums both solo and with various group projects, most notably the duo Nadja, with his partner Leah Buckareff. His most recently published book is ‘Passing Through’ with Wounded Wolf Press.

www.aidanbaker.org | @aidanbakermusic

Antosh Wojcik is a poet, drummer and cross-disciplinary artist. He produces music as /weirdtoday and is a member of the collective FWRDMTN. His work explores memory, time & hallucinations.

www.antoshwojcik.com | @_weirdtoday

Courtney Megan is a visual communicator focusing on text and image. She specialises in typography and photography, as well as collage to create a story. She is a poet and writer who communicates ideas not seen within visuals. In her spare time, she loves to read, cycle, hike, and volunteer for the animals.

www.courtneymegan.myportfolio.com | @ccourtney.megan

Christian Marques is a software engineer, a published poet and an amateur musician. In 2016 he published ‘A Wandering Poem’, a bi-disciplinary travel journal mixing poetry with typographical experimentation in collaboration with designer Angharad Hengyu Owen. He has also been published in several Portuguese poetry anthologies and loves radical travel.

www.christianmarques.com | @electricganesha

Daisy Thurston-Gent is a writer and producer from Cambridge. She is a founding member of London Queer Writers, a creative network curating regular live poetry events and monthly writing workshops for the LGBTQ+ community. She is one half of Radio Xaddy, a brave little podcast about Queer history and lifestyle.

www.daisytg.wordpress.com | @daisytgee

Heather Pease’s book of poetry is ‘Out of the Weeds’. Her poetry centres on mental health, feminism, self-acceptance, healing, and aims to make people think about subjects often stigmatised through society. Her work has appeared in various print anthologies and lit journals. She lives in Southern California.


Iris Colomb merges poetry and other art forms to explore relationships between visual and spoken forms of text through projects involving performances and objects. She is the founder of the investigative poetry and performance platform SLANT, Co-Editor of HVTN Press, and a member of the interdisciplinary collective No Such Thing.

www.iriscolomb.com | @iriscolomb

Nick Murray is a producer, composer and artist making interactive sonic and narrative work focusing on loss and digital cultures. This often takes the form of games, interactive poetry and performance. Nick is a producer for Now Play This at Somerset House, and associate producer with Penned in the Margins, as well as producer for several individual artists.

www.nickmurray.horse | @terratrouve

Nikki Marrone is a spoken word performer, published poet, photographer, and coffee addict. She is motivated through feelings, of which she has plenty. Nikki is the winner of multiple poetry slams and has featured at various spoken word nights and festivals internationally but is based in the UK. Author of ‘Lost & Found: A Poetry Passport’, ‘Psychogenic Fugue’ and ‘Honey & Lemon’. She splits her time between motherhood, being creative, adventuring and doing her MA in childhood & youth.

www.nikkimarrone.co.uk | @poetmarrone

Wesley Freeman-Smith is an event producer and live arts facilitator, and founder of Colliding Lines. His other projects include Catching Shadows, a spoken word and sound art band. He enjoys putting text and text-based things where they shouldn’t be. He lives in the Cambridge, UK.

www.collidinglines.com/team/wes | @catchingshadowscollective


Angharad Hengyu Owen is a graphic designer exploring visual narratives through type, engaging in visual communication as literary practice; a way of transmitting, interpreting and understanding ideas. She has solo and team experience in a range of print and digital projects across cultural, social and corporate sectors.

www.angharadhengyu.xyz | @angharadhengyu

El Lanham is a Lisbon based artist and designer. His playful style flirts between bookbinding, printmaking and tattooing. He is inspired by history, a love of words and an interest in queer narratives. El studied graphic design at the University of the West of England and then apprenticed as a bookbinder at the Royal Collection Trust, and he is co-founder of THEY TATTOO tattoo studio in Lisbon.

www.elanham.com | @el_lanham

Emma-Amalie Rode is a Danish visual communicator based in Cambridge, UK.  Her work revolves around graphics, illustration, photography, and poetry, with a focus on storytelling. Her typographical work has a solid foundation of research and is information-based. Each project Emma chooses to work with editing, destruction, and the principle question of; if something should be left as it is, can everything develop or does something automatically regress because of a change? With these cornerstones, her work challenges commonly known subjects, complex or straight forward.

www.emma-amalie.myportfolio.com | @emma_amalie_illustrations

Ricardo Castro / Homem do Saco

www.ohomemdosaco.com | @homemdosaco

Ryan McDonagh is a visual artist currently  based in Manchester, UK. He has studied at Brighton university and the Royal college of art. He works and explores colour, texture and primarily works with collage and abstract forms, to evoke emotional responses and leave the work open for interpretation whilst using to complement others work in collaborative projects.

www.ryanmcdonagh.co.uk | @ryan.mcdonagh_

Warren Lehrer is a writer/designer known as a pioneer of visual literature and design authorship. Awards include: Ladislav Sutnar Prize, Center for Book Arts Honoree, Brendan Gill Prize, three AIGA Book Awards, Fellowships from NEA, NYFA, Ford Foundations. Professor at SUNY Purchase, founding faculty SVA MFA Designer As Author program, Co-Founder EarSay.

www.warrenlehrer.com | @warrenlehrer

Special thanks to Dario from Minuteman Press Cambridge, who provided excellent advice and took great care making sure this book came into the world as intended.