‘Shadowplay’ with Art Language Location – live literature, experimental.
‘Colour and Magic’ with Romsey Art Festival – short films and live rescore.
Tom Adams x Dave Gresham // Kyriakides // Foam – electronic music.
‘Time Now For Ghosts’ – dance, music and sound piece.
two installations at Unit 7, w/ Collaborating Cambridge and Changing Spaces.
Real Life Charm // Lunacre // Factories and Fields – music & live visuals.
Winter Villains // Milly Hirst // Broads – music, spoken word.
Tomorrow We Sail // Tim Knight & Ups // Adam Vallance – live literature, spoken word, music.
Kyriakides // Distant Animals // Worriedaboutsatan – electronic music and live visuals.
‘Murmuration’ with Circuit Cambridge, Kettle’s Yard – dance, installation, music, spoken word.
‘Beasts and Bards’ with Collaborating Cambridgespoken word, storytelling.
These Ghosts // Fast Infamy // IMMIGRANTS – music, music & spoken word, live visuals.

Fuzzy Lights // Lost Harbours, w/ Shadow Committee – music and live film score.
Shield Patterns // A Wingless Heron, w/ Naomi Jones Morris, Shadow Committee – music, live film score, music and spoken word, installation.
The Doomed Bird of Providence // ‘The Vodka Diaries’ w/ Russell J Turner, Toby Peters, Derek Yau, Gaze is Ghost – music and spoken word, music, dance.
‘Solidarity’, fundraiser for Medical Aid for Palestine – music and spoken word, music, dance.
‘Sound & Vision’ with Romsey Art Festival – live film score series, short films.
Relevant Records launch night – music.
Two performances with Night Watch festival at Cambridge Junction – dance and film, crowd-sourced music.
Wild Strawberries Stage w/ Allographic at Strawberry Fairspoken word, spoken word and music.
Her Name is Calla // C.J. Boyd // Myyths, w/ Philip Cornett – music.
Shield Patterns // Gaze is Ghost // Gymnast, w/ Susie Olczak – installation, music.
Wooden Arms // Heart of a Dog // Tom Adams – music.
Allographic Special w/ Wooden Arms – music & spoken word.

Woman’s Hour // Shield Patterns // Seeds & Bones – electronic music and live film score.
Space F!ght // The Soft – music, experimental, live visuals.
‘Nightscapes’ w/ Naomi Jones Morris & Blanche Laviale // installation, exhibit, experimental spoken word.
Festival closing party with Romsey Art Festival – live film score and dance, short films, experimental spoken word.
Acoustics & Art with CB1 Cafe, w/ Tom Adams, CJ Boyd, Max Weaver, Ypsmael – exhibition, experimental music.
Wooden Arms // August & After // Milly Hirst – music.
Clorinde // Gaze is Ghost // Fake Maria – experimental, music and spoken word, music.
Acoustics & Art with CB2 Bistro, w/ Dan Whitehouse, Annie Dressner, Zak Thomas – music.
Hour Hands // Slushy Guts // Mouth, w/ Patrick Widdess & Patrick Shiel – music, spoken word.
Clorinde // Hollow Mountain // Sunwølf, w/ Susie Olczak and Philip Cornett – music, installation, sound art.
Acoustics & Art with CB1 Cafe, w/ Tom Adams & Diane Morrison, Toby Peters and Jade Rivers, Ypsmael – experimental music, spoken word and music.
Subzar // Retrospective Soundtrack Players // Rue Royale, w/ Fay Roberts – music, crowd-sourced spoken word.

Tenebrous Liar // Holden Girls // Gaze is Ghost, w/ Karl Dmitri Bishop – music, exhibition, installation.
Faith Taylor // David Youngs // Toby Peters, w/ Leanne Moden & Chen Xi – music, exhibition, spoken word.
Anniversary Party with Love Cambridge Arts, w/ Toby Peters, Diane Morrison, Fay Roberts – music and spoken word, live visuals, experimental.
Hollow Mountain // Subzar // Astronaut Memorial  music.
Lester J Allen // Paul Goodwin // Dave Gerard & The Watchmen, w/ Leanne Moden – music, spoken word.
Model Staggs // Like Spinning // Hella Better Dancer – music, mythology.
These Ghosts // Model Staggs // Apple Eyes – music.
AlicebanD // Echo Trails // The Binewski Murder, w/ Fay Roberts – music, spoken word, magician.
Exhibition Opening Night, w/ Wesley Freeman-Smith – exhibition, music.