Colliding Lines pioneer innovative, cross-disciplinary performance that explores the fringes of dance, music, spoken word and film. Our productions are live entities that evolve across time as performer and project develop. We find joy in producing work which takes risks, challenging both artist and audience to go further.

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  • Reanimation SeriesReanimation Series
    International live arts collective Colliding Lines present Reanimation, a monthly live series re-visiting, re-scoring and re-imagining different eras of avant garde and experimental animation. Each month, we invite a diverse line-up of musicians and sound artists to compose and perform scores to a programme of short films, each month curated around a different theme and era. The
  • Tall Tales Lab(yrinth)Tall Tales Lab(yrinth)
    To celebrate the launch of our experimental art shop we created a labyrinth of interactive storytelling entitled Tall Tales Lab(yrinth). Inside, the audience finds a maze of one-on-one interactions, micro-immersive poetry experiences, film screenings and insular, standalone interventions by some of our favourite artists. As they move deeper into the Labyrinth, the audience become the story; experiences and
  • Dancing in CodeDancing in Code
    Dancing in Code is an experimental performance exploring concealment, paranoia and distorted perception. Using dance, sound art and live film, performers pass coded messages across artforms, choreographing one another from the others’ blind spot. Using a pre-set series of rules, each party attempts to communicate with each other, whilst the others infiltrate, manipulate and distort
  • ShadowplayShadowplay
    Shadowplay is a live literature experiment in sensory deprivation. Suspended in a dark auditorium, the audience are alone save for white words projected into the pitch black canvas. Around them a soundtrack emerges, scoring urgent scenes told in broken staccato sentences. It is a story about the power of language to make reality and, inevitably, undo it.
  • Time Now For GhostsTime Now For Ghosts
    Time Now For Ghosts is a minimalist performance & sound piece in three movements, written for one dancer and one musician. It is site-specific, utilizing the audience’s interaction with the space to form generative audio loops played back in real time. The environment this creates forms the stage upon which the performance plays out; the

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