Gaze is Ghost 'Revolvere / Murmuration'

photo: karl dmitri bishop
photo: karl dmitri bishop

Press and marketing campaign for composer / songwriter Gaze is Ghost upon the release of AA-Side ‘Revolvere / Murmuration’ October 2014. Includes development of online presence and websites in addition to disseminating latest music and music videos to magazines, blogs and radio stations.


Since the release of debut album Plume in 2013, Laura McGarrigle and her ever-widening circle of collaborators have received much acclaim and attention for the record’s rich, highly evocative instrumentation and intelligent composition. Built around a core of piano, voice, sitar and violin, the music treads a perfect balance between harmony, dissonance and textural excursions – drawing upon a kaleidoscope of sounds that paint far beyond the singer-songwriter canvas.

Her latest work has accrued a darker hue in the interim, imaginatively arranged and enriched by recent collaborations and commissions (including a musical written for Youth Music Theatre UK). The resulting recordings are deliberate, meditatively composed pieces which see the singer reckon with herself in a variety of idioms.

Murmuration takes it’s name from the collective noun for a flock of starlings, and focuses inwards – the song’s narrator reflecting upon the concepts of travel, home, and personal growth. It captures the singer at her most introspective, melodic and emotionally direct. Revolvere synthesizes this reflection into something more outwards-facing, and draws more from the worlds of modern classical or post-rock than it does pop music. The composition has been in process for some time, and emerged from the desire to write music hinging upon drone notes, clusters, and unconventional chord progressions.

Special thanks to musicians Brigid McCafferty, Tom Adams and Jonathan Allen for their contributions to these pieces.