Colliding Lines commission and publish interactive art objects, some of which contain audio; tapes, EPs and other assorted media. We sell limited edition physical releases capturing collaborative sessions and live shows, as well as digital downloads via Bandcamp.

We are not a label and cannot currently offer the advantages of one, but if you have a project for consideration by the collective please get in touch with us here.

Physical Releases

  • River . Pathway . Static | Tape #1River . Pathway . Static | Tape #1
    Colliding Lines presents the first in our series of collaborative audio experiments, River . Pathway . Static. Each release in our series features one original piece of work, and one response to a previous release. Led by artists Stephan Barrett and Sylvia Hallett, Side A of the release is a sonic journey through cracks in
  • Shadowplay: PretextShadowplay: Pretext
    Shadowplay is an experimental live literature project; a post-apocalyptic fable where words are all the audience sees, and those words describe a language that’s tearing itself apart. The piece is soundtracked with an ever-evolving score improvised by Jacob and Reuben Kyriakides, at each location performed with guest musicians – never the same twice. We wish
  • Poetry & Piano EPPoetry & Piano EP
    Inspired by a series of sessions filmed in 2016, Poetry & Piano features 8 performances from poets Nikki Marrone, Tim Knight and Uppahar Subba with improvised accompaniment from Matt Widgery on piano. This album collects snapshots of serendipity, those moments of unexpected inspiration that come from a live collision of creative mediums. With his roots

Digital Downloads



Shadowplay: Pretext

Dancing in Code

Poetry & Piano EP

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