#14 – OEM / Our Friends Eclectic | RADIO

Colliding Lines present live sessions, cross-genre collaborations and left-field recordings drawn from the London, UK and international experimental scenes; a long-form love letter to recorded audio as soundtrack, as sound art and as storyteller.

Presented by Theresa Elflein and Martin Clarke, this month we speak to Kodian Trio and duo Marco Scarasssatti and Abdul Moimême about their recent / upcoming releases on OEM Records. Venturing outside, we explore the necessity of solitude and profundity of nature through Katie O’Neill‘s meditative sound-poem ‘Message Green’. The latter half of the show is an eclectic mix dedicated to European and South African sounds; avant-pop, found sounds and jazz, alongside other enticements from across the musical spectrum. 

Colliding Lines airs on Resonance Extra on the third Thursday of every month, with listen back options for all of our shows on Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and wherever you get your podcasts.


Kodian Trio – 8.49 
Kodian Trio – Live at BRÅKFest
Marco Scarasssatti and Abdul Moimême – Silence
Marco Scarasssatti and Abdul Moimême – Desolation
ENCORE – Illusion
Lea Matika – Freedom
Ebony Grace – You Know I Would
Pony Pracht – Gomb
Go Go Girl – FTUIY
Merlin Nova – Living Life in Love
The Wretched – What is History
Katie O’Neill – Message Green

photo: Martin Clarke, Kodian Trio album cover