#9 – Barnell / Batikva / Barrett | RADIO

Colliding Lines present live sessions, cross-genre collaborations and left-field recordings drawn from the London, UK and international experimental scenes; a long-form love letter to recorded audio as soundtrack, as sound art and as storyteller.

This month we share recent performances and pieces from friends and members of the collective, including Lou Barnell’s performance for Yarmonics Festival, a Moses Batikva live set from Hamburg, and a selection of works from Stephan Barrett’s conceptually eclectic mix of projects (one of which “known for its boundless appetite and complex system of multiple void-like stomachs”). Resonance Extra radio pals Littoral Transmissions also share sessions recorded with absurdist poet James Worse.

The programme airs on Resonance Extra on the third Thursday of every month. You can find backdated episodes collected on their website here, or follow them on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.


Littoral transmissions & James Worse – Lo! The Apostle
Littoral transmissions & James Worse – His Budful Equinarde
Stephan Barrett & Matt Atkins – Chasm
Littoral transmissions & James Worse – Bloftwide
Littoral transmissions & James Worse – The Cellulids
Sea Mantis – Preparing For Dinner
Lou Barnell – Frau Lehmann
Moses Batikva (live in Hamburg)
Sea Mantis – Preparing For Dinner (extract, outro)