Bell Lungs + Moon Relay | LEIPZIG


In collaboration with Income Tax Refund, Colliding Lines proudly present an evening of avant-sounds, noise collage and live visual experimentation. Welcome two exciting projects back to Leipzig for your listening pleasure:

Scotland-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Bell Lungs weaves colourful worlds drawing from psychedelia, free improvisation, lyrical folk, dream-pop, drone, sound collage, transcendentalism, spoken word, and a love for science fiction sound design. Live she performs using electric violin and guitar, voice, omnichord, field recordings, chimes & assorted percussive instruments. Her music is a kaleidoscopic mix of all these things and more; a richly populated soundscape held together by a strong emotional core.

On tour throughout Europe September through October, her travels have already taken her to some curious venues; a Napoleonic fort, a Tudor House and an art gallery that was formerly a hospital for horses… and now, here.

Moon Relay is an Oslo-based noise-rock group consisting of Daniel Meyer Grønvold, Håvard Volden, Ola Høyer and Christian Næss.  Drawing on the fractured funk and machine-aesthetic of late Seventies/early Eighties post-punk and No Wave bands, plus the motorik-meets-electro rhythms of ‘Planet Rock’-style hip-hop, the third full album by Oslo-based experimental rock quartet Moon Relay combines pin-sharp, real-time musicianship with a powerful conceptual punch. It’s a world where buzz-saw guitars mesh with disco handclaps on a series of hypnotically immersive instrumental grooves intersected by avant-garde collages of found sound and studio doodles.  The 12th of october 2018 will see the release of their 3rd album “IMI” on Hubro.




18th October 2018, 9pm

5€ – 8€ – facebook