‘Lifelines’ EP Launch | ONLINE

To celebrate the release of ‘Lifelines’, the new EP from Nikki Marrone and Gaze is Ghost, we’ll be hosting an online video-launch – each of the tracks accompanied by its own film. It is free and easy to attend wherever you are in the world, and we can’t wait to share this with you.

A long distance collaboration conceived in lockdown, ‘Lifelines’ is a series of beautifully crafted poems spoken and scored, its stories alight with lush, intimate arrangements.

Both artists are first year mothers, and it is in themes of motherhood where the collection finds the most resonance. Charting some of the more profound journeys life offers, its pieces are as much warrior as they are protector – reckoning with intergenerational trauma alongside moments of intimacy and wonder. It is both a reclamation and celebration of the body after birth; an exploration of both challenge and potential.

The moments captured here are lifelines to pull you from the darkness, and push you forwards into life.

‘Lifelines’ is available to pre-order now as a digital download from Bandcamp.


'Lifelines' EP – online video launch


Thursday 22nd October 2020, 8.20pm