Poetry & Piano EP

Inspired by a series of sessions filmed in 2016, Poetry & Piano features 8 performances from poets Nikki Marrone, Tim Knight and Uppahar Subba with improvised accompaniment from Matt Widgery on piano. This album collects snapshots of serendipity, those moments of unexpected inspiration that come from a live collision of creative mediums. With his roots in blues, jazz and rock Matt Widgery tracks the words as they’re spoken. When approaching the recording, as much as possible was left candid – nothing was pre-written, and each take was unique. You can download this record digitally, but to appreciate it as intended we suggest purchasing the physical package while stocks last. Each record comes with:

  • 5 beautiful, limited run postcards of Photography by Josh Murfitt
  • A small pamphlet with poetry from the featured artists, plus never before published work from Wesley Freeman-Smith and Matt Widgery
  • Digital download codes
  • USB key containing lossless FLAC

Physical Edition

Note: this version does not include USB key pictured.
£5 + P&P

Digital Edition





Written and performed by: Matt Widgery, Nikki Marrone, Uppahar Subba and Tim Knight.
Produced by: Theresa Elflein.
Photography by: Josh Murfitt.
Design by Wesley Freeman-Smith.