Reanimation: Fantastic Planets | LONDON

Colliding Lines return with Reanimation, our bi-monthly live soundtrack evening held at New River Studios, North London.

This month our feature presentation is 1970’s counterculture classic Fantastic Planet – René Laloux and Roland Topor’s surreal, hallucinatory science fiction masterpiece. Originally accompanied by a prog-funk score characteristic of its era, here we invite you to return to the film’s alien landscapes revisited, rescored and reimagined by experimental London ensemble Rock Garden of Chandigarh.

The evening opens with two lesser known shorts by Laloux: The Snails, a collaboration with Topor prior to Fantastic Planet, and Monkey’s Teeth – Laloux’s first film, written by patients of the psychiatric institute he worked for and animated by the director himself. The films are rescored by Colliding Lines artists Kyriakides (electronics) and Derek Yau (cello).

Want to know more about these guys?

Rock Garden of Chandigarh are a 3- to 4-piece London-Essex collective, creating everything from soothing to terrifying noises through various electronics, percussive grooves, duelling clarinets, theremin and strings.

Kyriakides are brothers Reuben and Jacob Kyriakides. Together they use live instruments, manipulated field recordings and found objects to create expansive, enveloping soundworlds – varying from ambient, jazz-influenced soundscapes to glitched avant garde techno. The brothers are frequent collaborators with the foreign genres of contemporary dance, film composition, experimental literature and art installation – accompanying, interpreting and shaping other artforms as ably as they do their own.

Derek Yau is a multi-instrumentalist-composer, a serial collaborator with a penchant for free and tonal improvisation. A former jazz guitarist evolving to contemporary cellist and with roots in classical piano, he has lent his dynamism to a number of projects, notably on the London folk and experimental scenes which include: Subzar, Clorinde and HART.


199 Eade Rd
Harringay Warehouse District
N4 1DN


Wednesday 19th August 2018, 8.30pm

£8 door / £6 adv – facebook | tickets