Shadowplay Scotland Tour & Limited Edition Tape Release

In partnership with Glasgow / Edinburgh promoters Sonically Depicting, at the beginning of February Colliding Lines tour experimental live literature piece Shadowplay. For two dates we support acclaimed Brighton sound artist and vocal improviser Ingrid Plum in Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as joining Electroscope, Hardworking Families (Glasgow), The Reverse Engineer, Marcin Pietruszewski (Edinburgh), Pefkin and a solo performance from one half of electronic folk group WHYTE (Aberdeen).

Screened in darkness, the audience are alone save for white words projected into the pitch black. Around them a soundtrack emerges; a post-apocalyptic score improvised by sound artists Jacob and Reuben Kyriakides. It’s a story about what happens when stories fail, told in language that’s tearing itself apart… The 3 dates offer 3 different interpretations of the piece – each performance presented in collaboration with guest musicians, including Bell Lungs & Colliding Lines artist Derek Yau.

To celebrate, we’ll be releasing a limited edition tape featuring live performances of Shadowplay alongside brand new material recorded by Kyriakides. The release features 6-panels of artwork produced in collaboration with typographic artist Angharad Hengyu Owen – a graphic re-working of and visual re-telling of the source text, written by Wesley Freeman-Smith.

You can pre-order the release on tape and digital download here. Physical editions ship on February 8th.

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