Shadowplay: Pretext

Shadowplay is an experimental live literature project; a post-apocalyptic fable where words are all the audience sees, and those words describe a language that’s tearing itself apart. The piece is soundtracked with an ever-evolving score improvised by Jacob and Reuben Kyriakides, at each location performed with guest musicians – never the same twice.

We wish to release the following as evidence.


Side A captures live score performed by Kyriakides at CONTINUUM Festival, London 2017. Professionally mixed and mastered but otherwise unaltered.

Side B contains experimental acoustic and textural compositions by Kyriakides, recorded late 2017 / early 2018.

The physical edition of this release comes with 6-panel, fold-out artwork by typographic artist Angharad Hengyu Owen – a visual re-interpretation and re-translation of the original Shadowplay text.

Physical Edition

Note: this version does not include USB key pictured.
£5 + P&P

Digital Edition

‘210617’ 21:00

‘Tusk I’ 2:18
‘Tusk II’ 3:57
‘Dec17’ 8:37

Upcoming Tour Dates

Dates to be announced 2021.

Composed and performed by: Jacob and Reuben Kyriakides.
Design by: Angharad Hengyu Owen.
Produced by: Reuben Kyriakides.
Based upon text written by Wesley Freeman-Smith