River . Pathway . Static | Tape #1

Colliding Lines presents the first in our series of collaborative audio experiments, River . Pathway . Static. Each release in our series features one original piece of work, and one response to a previous release.

Led by artists Stephan Barrett and Sylvia Hallett, Side A of the release is a sonic journey through cracks in the pavement. Taking field recordings of daily-walked routes as its starting point, Stephan and Sylvia perform between, behind and within these landscapes; their interventions and responses almost imperceptible from naturally occurring sound. The instruments and implements accompanying them on their journey include clarinet, a spring box, bells, a bowed bicycle wheel, mbira and whiskey glasses; a multilayered exploration of hidden details and worlds we miss in the everyday.

Side B is Nick Murray’s audio interpretation of H O M E, an anthology of new visual poetry produced by Colliding Lines. In the anthology, we asked ten poets to submit work to be re-imagined by five graphic artists, the resulting pieces taking on new meaning through the collaborative process. The work here follows suit, with Nick responding to each poem building a sonic landscape around each poet’s voice, intending to embellish, accompany or re-contextualise their work into a new medium.

The artwork for this release is specially created by award-winning composer, experimental vocalist and artist Nichola Scrutton. Her work includes sound and soundscape composition, performance, improvisation and drawing. Nichola has extensive experience as a collaborator in interdisciplinary and participatory contexts. She is currently developing a new body of work with support from a Creative Scotland Award.

Physical Edition

Includes Digital Download
£6 + P&P

Digital Download


Elsewhere (2′43′′)
Morning Light (3′35′′)
Swell Dispersion (4′15′′)
Confluence (3′00′′)
Zero Crossing (4′13′′)
Windblown (4′27′′)
River Exits (7′49′′)

Lost Americans
Hums and Oms
Roads Home
A Hundred People…
Displaced 11.55


“Sylvia and Stephan stand to the side, both passionate listeners and active participants… motivated to investigate every avenue of sound. The River Lea rolls, steady as the bells. Passing snatches of conversation are folded into the mix like an egg into a soufflé. Such music seems like a mirror held up to itself, building on the strength of its own reflection.”Richard Allen, A Closer Listen

“At one moment, strings harmonies crest in unison with wind and traffic noise, with the instruments heeding the change without smothering the charm of environmental happenstance.. The project resides not wholly within any individual medium – the word, the image, the sound – and neither in the culmination of all three. We should turn also to the margins, and to the meanings lost in the act of transposition.” – Jack Chuter, ATTN:Magazine

Produced and published by Colliding Lines
Mastering: Theresa Elflein
Artwork: Nichola Scrutton
Design: Angharad Hengyu Owen