Theresa Elflein wins Best Project award for interactive theatre piece

‘I’ll Sing You a Song, My Lips Won’t Move’ has been awarded the Sussex University School of Media, Film and Music prize for Best Practical Project at MA Level.

The project is a participatory performance, combining interactive musical composition, pervasive gaming, and surrealist theatre. As the player explores a prepared room with headphones, they realise that, depending on whether they move or not, or where they are in the space, they conduct the music, the visual projections and, later on in the piece, the movements of a dancer.

Having turned into a focal character in the game, the player experiences the sensory environment and their position in it feeding back on itself, through the changing web of musical voices that seem to emanate from the masked people sitting still the floor.

In addition, the piece won the award for best work on a theme related to Roger Silverstone.