VOIXXE Takeover | Resonance FM

Colliding Lines are honoured to be guest curators on this month’s VOIXXE, a Resonance FM show produced by London art lab IKLECTIK.

Presented by Theresa Elflein. our slot is an hours’ worth of Colliding Lines & our close collaborators, featuring eclectic selections including Derek Yau, Stephan Barrett & Sylvia, Nick Murray and the H O M E poets, and plenty of collabs from Theresa herself. It’s a best-of (so far) and we hope you’ll come join us.

IKLECTIK is a creative space dedicated to the support of the development of cross disciplinary lines to promote experimental contemporary art. It’s based in Lambeth, London.


Lov-e-is-rare & Elfyn – Canvas
Derek Yau – May (extract)
Stephan Barrett & Sylvia Hallett – Swell Dispersion
MAW – Ghost in the Building
Catching Shadows – If She Floats
Nichola Scrutton – Word of Mouth
/weird today – Hummingbird
/weird today – Get Softer
/weird today – Ocean Song #1
/weird today – Steamhead
/weird today –  Bubbled Dogs
Nick Murray & Hollie McNish – Post Partum
Nick Murray & Antosh Wojcik – Lost Americans
Nick Murray & Iris Colomb – Soliflore
Nick Murray & Christian Marques – Humms and Oms
Nick Murray & Wesley Freeman-Smith – Ghost
Reuben Kyriakides – Podróż
Nikki Marrone & Gaze is Ghost – Birth: A Psychedelic Odyssey