Wesley Freeman-Smith


Wesley is a writer, event producer and live arts facilitator. In 2017 he founded Colliding Lines to collect together disparate and diverse talents across long distances. The collective was incorporated as a nonprofit in 2020.

Wesley’s current creative projects include Catching Shadows, a spoken word and sound art band conducted long-distance with Theresa Elflein, Christina Kaniclidou and various other collaborators. He has appeared in print as both a journalist and poet, and mostly enjoys putting text and text-based things where they shouldn’t be.

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Contact: wes@collidinglines.com
Facebook: @catchingshadowss
Instagram: @catchingshadowscollective

From this artist

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  • K I N E T I C | Anthology #2K I N E T I C | Anthology #2
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  • #4 – (dis)Embodied | RADIO#4 – (dis)Embodied | RADIO
    Colliding Lines present live sessions, cross-genre collaborations and left-field recordings drawn from the London, UK and international experimental scenes; a long-form love letter to recorded audio
  • Honey and LemonHoney and Lemon
    Honey & Lemon is a beautiful photographic novel that follows a Boy and a Girl who meet like any love story. However, the Girl has been fighting a war and there are demons who hound her. The
  • Reanimation SeriesReanimation Series
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  • Shadowplay: PretextShadowplay: Pretext
    Shadowplay is an experimental live literature project; a post-apocalyptic fable where words are all the audience sees, and those words describe a language that’s tearing itself apart. The piece