We are a live arts collective with a wide circle of collaborators, bringing to life the best performances for curious artists and curious audiences looking for more. We come from various artistic backgrounds and work beyond them, blending individual art forms to create something new.

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What We Do

Colliding Lines produce high quality, cross-disciplinary live shows and projects that draw together artists from different fields, including dance, music, spoken word, interactive theatre and film. Together we publish, promote and curate new collaborations, taking joy in creative risks and producing work that matters. By working collectively, we create a space for artists to develop and innovate, exploring new ideas and unfamiliar territories together. The unifying characteristics of every Colliding Lines performance or project are that they are immersive, challenging, and unique.

Our live productions are major-scale projects developed between artist and producer. With a long history of delivering live events – from interactive film scores to festival stages to live installations – we curate each aspect of our programme and performance to a high standard, with special attention paid to the aesthetic quality of an event. We believe in the power of challenging situations to catalyse great performance and exciting art; the edge present in improvisation creates a friction between intention and action that surprises artists into producing unforeseen work. If it feels fresh and exciting for the performers, it feels fresh and exciting for the audience.

Colliding Lines also work as a publisher commissioning and promoting experimental literature, interactive art objects and collaborative live sessions on film and record. We sell bespoke, limited edition physical releases created by our artists for you, as well as a growing range of zines and music. We sell digital downloads of our favourite live recordings and studio sessions, available on our Bandcamp page.

Our commitment is to making live art engaging for as wide an audience as possible. Good art is about inviting audiences in and creating immersive, emotionally resonant experiences that stay with you. Whether it’s music, dance, film, spoken word or all of the above, we want to share it with you.

Who We Are

Colliding Lines is a nonprofit organisation composed of international artists. A wide circle of collaborators make our work possible, from supporting artists to sound technicians, photographers and promoters.

The collective was founded by Wesley Freeman-Smith, is designed by Angharad Hengyu Owen, and developed conceptually from previous collective SHINDIG in collaboration with Abi Palmer.

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