Dancing in Code

Dancing in Code is an experimental performance exploring concealment, paranoia and distorted perception. Using dance, sound art and live film, performers pass coded messages across artforms, choreographing one another from the others’ blind spot.

Using a pre-set series of rules, each party attempts to communicate with each other, whilst the others infiltrate, manipulate and distort the outcome. The rules may remain intact, but each performance is utterly unpredictable. As dancers, musicians and projectionists communicate in real time, power shifts constantly, until everyone is left wondering who is controlling whom…

Developed between Abi Palmer, Cambridge Contemporary Dance, and musician Jacob Kyriakides, Dancing in Code traces the first steps towards a larger, immersive work exploring the same clandestine world. It was inspired by Cambridge’s rich history during World War II and the ideas of codebreaking, conspiracy and the unseen.

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Developed and facilitated by: Abi Palmer & Wesley Freeman-Smith
Cambridge Contemporary Dance: Lorenza Toffolon, Hannah Spencer, Camila Miranda Alarcon, Chess Boughey, Laura Ortu.
Music and sound design by: Jacob and Reuben Kyriakides

Photography: Matt Widgery
Video edited by: Luciana Ponso and Lorenza Toffolon
Sound mixed and mastered by: Andy Hosker