#10 – Helicotrema | RADIO

Colliding Lines present live sessions, cross-genre collaborations and left-field recordings drawn from the London, UK and international experimental scenes; a long-form love letter to recorded audio as soundtrack, as sound art and as storyteller.

This month’s episode is curated by Helicotrema, an Italy-based recorded audio festival investigating and instigating collective listening experiences. Inspired by the first decades of radio broadcasting, the festival is set up like a screenless film festival. In locations that vary year-to-year, audiences are invited to immerse themselves in radio plays, narrative sound works, audio documentaries and poetry, experimenting with how the listening experience can be influenced and enriched by different social and geographical contexts. In 2020 – when it’s especially important to emphasise the communal, physically-present elements of listening – their ninth festival took place in a renowned athletics stadium, and the programme was broadcast beyond that into the surrounding neighbourhood.

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Laura Lovatel – Senza Titolo
Naomi Credé – Descending Downwards
Mauro Sambo – 5 Settembre 2017
Chloé Despax – El Gat
Yara Mekawei – Feed on Wasted Energy
Gretchen Jude – Amber Moon an Ember
Jenna Collins – Dead Sea Captain
Alberto Cattani – Star-ìevi-ça boulevard
Hannah Dean – The Piano Tuner
Valentino Russo – Hanna-Barbera Presents
Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot – The Bip of the Soul
Salvatore Piras – Ginepro
Galia Bezukladnikova – Lo Specchio
Sebastiane Hegarty – Rain Choir Variation