Zine Submissions

Live arts collective Colliding Lines are currently accepting new submissions to our online zine store, inviting artists and makers to submit DIY works for sale online, at shows and through social media.

How it works: send us some photos and a bit of info, if we like it we’ll ask you to post us a small number of items. Any unsold copies are returned to you within 6 months. You set the price; we include it our online stores and any offline outings. We take a small commission on each item sold (20%), so adjust your price accordingly.

We are interested in: poetry, typography, code, postal art, collage, flipbooks, ergodic and asemic literature, extreme writing, handmade and DIY work, mixed materials, corrupted text, concrete poetry.

Unfortunately we are not currently accepting submissions.



We take 10% commission, our online host takes 10%